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“My son and I have been taking lessons from Olaf for a couple of years. I have always wanted to learn how to drum and the young man needs to learn an instrument. He needs to learn because our belief that learning music is essential to a well rounded person.
Olaf is a professional. Both as an instructor and as a player. He is able to draw upon his massive experience and knowledge to explain and re-explain tricky drum basics in a way that even an old dog like myself can eventually understand.
I admire his teaching abilities and since I am a teacher I know what I am talking about.
Olaf is warm and he has a great sense of humour.
Olaf can motivate.
Olaf can play.”

-Steve H.


“Olaf is an excellent teacher!! He has great energy and passion for the drums and works to develop that same passion for music with his students. His teaching style is structured well and has worked for my son.”

-Duncan C.


“Olaf has spent the better part of 5 years working with my kids on piano and drums. Great experienced and fun teacher. The kids couldn’t be more comfortable around him and it shows with what they learned.”

-Tony M.


“Olaf is an amazing teacher! My 9 yrs old son loves learning from him. Olaf is a musician at heart and it shows thru his teachings! I recommend him to anyone who is interested in learning music via drums!”

-Peter M.